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Discover the world of QUADRO!

As well as an outdoor garden play structure, QUADRO can be used indoors too. It is really flexible and many different activity structures can be built, giving lots of options such as: a jungle gym, a playhouse, a selection of vehicles or an activity play centre. You can even add a slide or a pool! Using our online database you can change the design to produce countless creations, limited only by your imagination.

Let your QUADRO play system grow with your children.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Germany in 1976, QUADRO has been available in the UK since 1979 and all parts available today are compatible with any previous purchases, right back to its launch all those years ago. So whether it's your first purchase, add-on parts or extra kits you require to extend your QUADRO, you can rest assured QUADRO can grow with your children and your children's children too!

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If you have any question about QUADRO or our services please email us at: info@quadro.qa or give us a call on: +974 (0) 44324291. We look forward to hearing from you.